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Puerto Rico

Puerto Facts Sq. Miles: 3,515 Population: 3.194 million Year Founded: 1508 Capital: San Juan Animal: Coqui Frog Bird: Spindalis Drink: Piña Colada Fish: Carite Flower: Flor de Maga Song: La Borinqueña Tree: Kapok Sport: Volleyball Longest Road: Puerto Rico Highway 250 (PR-250) Longest River:  La Plata Highest Elevation: 1,338 meters Lowest Elevation: 0 ft. Famous

Puerto Rico Scenery

Puerto Rico Scenery So this post is a little different from other posts as I won’t talk about any specific stop that we visited.  Our Puerto Rico vacation was severely derailed on day 6 of our trip.  After visiting Cave Camuy, we were looking for some sort of old Indian reservation or something and we

Cabo Rojo Lighthouse Puerto Rico

Cabo Rojo Lighthouse Puerto Rico / Faro Los Morrillos de Cabo Rojo

Cabo Rojo Lighthouse Puerto Rico The Cabo Rojo Lighthouse Puerto Rico was our second stop of the trip.  We stopped at the Salt Mines on the way here just briefly. We drove down a long dirt road to get to the lighthouse and parked at Playa Sucia which translates to dirty beach.  I thought that