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Rincón Beach Puerto Rico & The Boiling Nuclear Superheater (BONUS) Reactor Facility

Rincón Beach Puerto Rico This might have just been my favorite day in Puerto Rico.  Again, it wasn’t on our Roadtrippers itinerary, but my parents were excited to take us there, it is their favorite beach in Puerto Rico.  We saw the BONUS Nuclear Reactor facility on the way in.  My parents explained something about

Little Talbot Island Park, Jacksonville, Florida - 7-23-2015 - 6

Little Talbot Island Jacksonville FL

Little Talbot Island Jacksonville FL On the way to Washington DC, the fourth stop on our Roadtrippers itinerary was this gorgeous state park on Little Talbot Island Jacksonville Fl.  We drove along a pretty long road inside the park before parking at an empty parking lot. We took somewhat of a nature trail type path

Fort Matanzas Beach Florida

Fort Matanzas Beach Florida

Fort Matanzas Beach Florida Fort Matanzas Beach Florida was another stop that we hadn’t planned to make when we left home.  But since we left so early, it became another place to stop and kill some time while our schedule caught up with us. Fort Matanzas National Monument is literally right across the street from

Crescent Beach Park, St. Augustine, FL - 7-23-15 - 0

Crescent Beach Park FL – At Sunrise

Crescent Beach Park FL Crescent Beach Park FL was not a stop that we planned to make when we left home.  But the places we planned to visit weren’t open yet since we left so early. I saw the sign for Crescent Beach Park on the way to our first stop and I thought it

Pass Christian Beach Mississippi History

Pass Christian Beach Mississippi

Pass Christian Beach Mississippi We got to see Pass Christian Beach Mississippi when my bestie and I took my second trip to NOLA.  On the way, we talked about how neither of us really liked taking the interstates on road trips because you don’t see as much.  I mean, sure, you get to where you’re