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Rincón Beach Puerto Rico & The Boiling Nuclear Superheater (BONUS) Reactor Facility

Rincón Beach Puerto Rico This might have just been my favorite day in Puerto Rico.  Again, it wasn’t on our Roadtrippers itinerary, but my parents were excited to take us there, it is their favorite beach in Puerto Rico.  We saw the BONUS Nuclear Reactor facility on the way in.  My parents explained something about

Tybee Island Lighthouse Savannah Georgia, 7-23-2015 - 1

Tybee Island Lighthouse Savannah GA

Tybee Island Lighthouse Savannah GA On our first trip to Washington DC, the Tybee Island Lighthouse & Museum near Savannah was the seventh stop on our Roadtrippers itinerary.  It was a little late in the afternoon and we were a bit tired. We learned that Fort Screven was actually a part of the Lighthouse admission